Not there

That’s what your actions
Are giving out.
Stop stressing
stop looking
Into places where
Nothing can be found.
You can not wish
Something physical
Into existence.

Please, just stop.
It’s not there.
You are wasting
Your energy
Into something
That cannot
Be brought back
into existence.
Learn from your
Hiccups and move on.
Let it go.

Why hold on
To an empty mug?
Why hold on to
Something that
Isn’t there?
You cannot grasp
The air
You cannot
Go back in time.
This errie feeling
All over your body
Is regret taking
A good punch at you.

Say this out loud:
Stop! I’m letting go.
You have nothing
On me for j am
Moving on to
Something much better.
Say it like you believe it.
The past has nothing
New to say.
Tell it to piss off
For the present is more
Promise than the past.


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