Repost: The Club

Everyone has a club
They go to.
They have their vices,
Their back up plan,
For a quick release,
Giving them temporary relief.
From Wine to ecstasy.
That door
Is wide open.
You join the club,
Looks good from the outside.
But I’m just observing.
I want to go in.
I see how people come out
Of the club.
I want no part of it.

Who you trying to impress?
No one.
so why fuck yourself over?
Trying to put on a good show?
People watching don’t know you.
They only shake their heads,
And talk bad of you.
This club you trying
To go to ain’t good for you.
You do as they do,
Playing the fool,
Copying them.
A zebra can’t be a donkey.
Even with its strips removed.
This club ain’t for you.
Others lose themselves,
I just found myself.
Ain’t willing to go,
Through all that again.
I’m good.
Don’t be fooled.

This club ain’t for you.
Stay in your lane.
Be Responsible.
Be sensible.
Don’t be stupid.
Trying something new,
Doesn’t do no harm.
It’s a one off.
You love the high It gives.
Something new becomes
An abuse.
Standing on top of the slop,
I look down.
This should be fun.
But wait.
when do you stop?
No stop sign?
No curfew?
No limits?
No one to tell you
You’re going at the
Wrong direction?
You’ve pushed them
All away.
Joined the new gang.
Feeling good about yourself,
Untill you don’t.
You’ve gone so steep,
making your way back
Will be one hell of a trip.Is this freedom?
Or a black hole?
This club,
Tempting as it is,
I turn my back.
With one foot on the doorway,
I love myself.
I choose me.
Over you
I choose me
Not the club.

Originally written 26 Aug 2018

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