We have highs and we have lows.
The power is in our hands.
We can dance or,
We can cry.
It’s up to us,
To make the right decision.
Yes it’s hard,
It’s like pushing a wall,
That doesn’t seem to move.
But once you look back,
You”ll see you’ve come so far.
So don’t lose hope,
When things are too bad.
Just hang in there,
You are bound to reach,
The top of the hill soon.

When in despire,
Hold on tight,
To your friend hope.
For your frenemy depression,
Wants you dead.
Don’t question your existance,
For you have not seen,
What is yet to come.
So stay calm.
When things are too bad.
Things are bound to be too good.
It’s just a matter of time.

They say nothing good comes easy,
Here is something,
to take away with you.
a roller coaster is not fun,
with that it’s up and down,
you won’t feel sick if you weren’t, turned upside down.
so what is life without,
it’s upside down?
It would be boring.
Cherish how you feel,
When things are too bad,
Because they will,
Only be memories when things,
Get too good.

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