Internal Rush

Fast forward mentally
Your vision is a
Mismatch of
The present.
You speak
They don’t listen.
You’ve spoken.
With your legs
And arms crossed
You watch as
Your vision
Comes to pass.

They look at you
In disbelief.
You once told
They refused to
Hear your words.
Taking it as a weapon
The strike out their
protective gear.

It comes down
As a crashing wave
As though
It may take place
Anytime soon.
The present
Doesn’t rush for
No man.
For it wasn’t man made.
But it is experienced
By us flesh on bones.

An idea washes over you.
It must be done
It must be completed
right now.
You react by
Chasing after a
Flying kite that
Must not be caught.
Be aware of the present.
Take in the peace and quiet
Look up to the clouds
Sluggishly glazing past.

Breath in the fresh
odourless air.
Be as still as
the water in
a bottle.
You must grab hold
Of that internal rush
That rips through each vein
and muscle of yours.
Heart pounding
And mind rising.

Instagram: @poetry_de_ria

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