The First

You’ve been set in fire
You are ablaze
You’ve been consumed
Your emotions have eaten
You whole.
Whats left
Isn’t much.
Your soul has
been captioned.
You’ve become
A prisoner
I’m sorry to say
But you’re
Stuck in the
Passengers sit
Strip tight to the sit.
Your body is
On auto pilot.

You let your guard down.
You took in that emotion
You sniffed it
It aroused you.
That high so refreshing.
You’ve lost grip
You’re gone.

What will u do?
How will you come
Back to the drivers sit?
Take back control
Of your life.
Don’t give up
You’ve got this.
Yes it’s draining
Yes it haunts you
But keep fighting
Even the  seed
Of a rose fights
to make it out
Of the dark.

Like a rose you will rise.
Tall and beautiful like a
Keep going
Keep surviving
Keep fight.
You Got this!!


      1. Hey there participants! Thank you for entering Penable’s first poetry competition. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you have put into your entries. We really hope you enjoyed writing your poems.
        Penable’s poetry competition is now CLOSED. The judge will choose the best poem as well as three runners up- all of which will be revealed tomorrow! Go to
        and click on MENU, then click on WRITING. The results should be posted there as soon as possible. We will let you know if there is any advancements regarding the timing of the results.

        Thank you once again for entering! 😊

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