No Brakes

It’s been set
On motion
Just praying for
A smooth collision.
Is that bad?
This thing
Should have come
With a manual
Cause I don’t
Know how to stop.

I know for sure
Sleep shuts it down
But what do to till then.
The wake period
Has been tempered with.
The gear is has been
Greasy over time.
Switch off button
Bring delays
To the start up.
Where’s the God damn brakes.

We humans don’t come
With manual
We break down
And time heals us.
Time our frenemy
Is there no matter what.
It to doesn’t come with breaks
Why or why
Did I enter this vehicle?
How did I enter this vehicle?
The fuel seems to cause
A glish to the system
The twitching of the tires
The revving of the engine.

I’m the driver
but I seem to
Be struggling
with this vehicle
That has no
God-damn brakes!!!

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