Think Twice.

You want it
But it’s not time yet.
You’re not ready
For it.
Eager as you are.
Premature is what
You are.
You’re not ready
Don’t kid yourself.
Listen to me
Before you start

You only live once
Don’t waste the
Wide space of this
Blank canvas
You’ve been given.
Patience is needed.
Be gentle
Not aggressive.
Be compassionate
Not forceful.

We are all humans
One heart, one brain
Some are blessed
To have two kidneys
And a healthy lung.
You live your life
With your foot stuck on
The forward gear.
You don’t see the warning signs
You just go for it.
You only live once
So why not?

Don’t be a fool
Don’t fool around
Don’t go seeking
Or peaking
What isn’t meant for yiu
Will end up hurting
Your soul.
It’s not about the physical
Don’t you get it?!


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