It cannot be  stopped

What must move must


There are things

which are forced

To stand still.

That is not its purpose.

The world slowly turns

You can see this

But you can not feel it.

The clouds move

They glaze through the

Baby blue sky.


The white clouds

Herd together

As the glaze above us.

Just like the flock of

Birds that move

In one motion

As they migrate

From one part to



You were not made

For one thing.

You master it

And move on.

You bring others

With you

To fill your space.

Movement is inevitable.

Just like change.

Without change

Nothing new will

Be made .

Embrace the movement

Of the wind, the rain,

the plane and  the sun.

Look up at the sky and take note

Of the movement that is occurring.

Be it fast or slow

It still happens.

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