It shouldn’t be your enemy
It shouldn’t be your opponent.
It’s your partner
Time is your best friend
It keeps you on
Your feet.
It reminds you
To keep going.

Time isn’t a weapon
Time is a gift.
It is precious
And should be
Treated with care.
Don’t over use it
There is plenty
Of it to go around.
Take it slow
Share it round
You will get more
Things done

Gift as beautiful
As this should be shared.
Spend it well
Otherwise you’ll turn around
And wonder where did it go?
Time and money
Are gifts that can
not be taught in achools
Human teachers
Can’t explain it
It isn’t their role
To do so.

Life is the best teacher.
Unseen but seen
With your eyes closed
It shows you
It warns you
Spend well
You live well.
Selfess is the objective.
But Many are deaf
To the teaching of life.

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