Teach me

Who am I without it?
I don’t like normal
I don’t like majority
I like being special
I like being unque
My qualities stand out.
So please give it back.
I just need that push
To get me to the finish line.

You depend on it
You’ve forgotten
Where your true
Loyalty lies.
You don’t deserve it.
You’ve abused it.
You’ve become a shell
Of your trueself.
You’ve mistaken
The fake you
To the real you.

Mute as you were
I pushed you
To speak.
In your shell
You lived
I broke the shell
Now you’re exposed.
You’ve been restricted
For so long
You overuse the little things
Now that’s abuse.
But you don’t know.
You don’t see.
Who you’ve become.

Yes you’ve excelled
But you’ve become
You don’t think when
Amosgt your pairs.
You ain’t above them.

Teach me then.
Teach me how
Use it.
Teach me
But don’t take it away.
Give it back and
Teach me.
I’m willing to learn.

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