You have created it.
You are the character.
You make up scenarios
In your head
Must be prepared
For whatever life throws
At you.
Always expect the unexpected.

So you give the
Performance of
Your lifetime.
You plan and practice
Your speech.
You practice
You think will come up.
You act as though your sad.
Just to get someone’s attention
It’s thrilling to have that sniff
Of a possible conversation
With a good looking guy.

Fake it till you make it
That’s what they say
But you faked it
Till it made you.
Now you’ve lost
Your core
You are now artifical.
Nothings real.
You come across
Something real and raw.
It knocks you off
You can’t breath
Your minds spiralling.
Trying to make sense of
All of it.
Where’s the source?
Take off all the make up
And the fake hair style.

They want raw and real
They want raw and vulnerable.
You’ve made it your life’s work
To cover all that up.
Now what?
Who can you go to?
End it before it ends you.
The performance of your
Life time as become a creative

You can only fake it
For a certain amount
Of time dear.

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