Some loving

You are annoying
You piss me off at times
But I can’t get rid of you
You need my attention
At the wrong time
You come to me
I push you off
You sulk.
You just need some loving
An emotion
That I really don’t show
It’s hard to be tough and vulnerable.
I can’t play the good cop
and  bad cop.

Your mood is off
So is mine
I’m not really good at this
But I’m willing
to give it a try
You need some loving
You get the  tough love
From your mother
You get envious
When I have a conversation
With father.
My sister you just
need some loving
It’s hard to give it to you
With this attitude of yours.

You come to me to talk
I’m not really in the mood
Always coming at the wrong time
Seeking for attention
In a moment where everyone
Is busy.
You start getting mouthy
I guess thats on me
It’s a shame
Parenting really
isn’t a game.
I will try my best
To show I care
Give you my ear
Once in a while
Give you the things
I wish I had when
I was your age.
Guide you
Not control you
Tell you the do’s and don’t
Hope you listen and
Take them in
For I won’t be
Available much longer.

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