Holes in my Bulletproof vest

I was staggent
For some years.
Safety bubble
Was created
Around me.
Instructions were given
For fear of falling astray.
I have seen examples.
He points them
To me
As he warns me.

Fear of failing.
Fear of not been enough.
I’ve allowed myself
To be programmed.
As years pass by
The instructions given
Become less and less
And I become confused.
What should I do
With few instructions?
I panic.
I go into autopilot
And become stagnant.

Surrounded  by darkness.
I feel vibration.
Opening my eyes.
I’m blinded by a bright light.
I try  to cover it
For it burns my eyes.
Something is shifting
Inside of me.
What is this electrifying feeling?
Why am I being drawn
Towards the light?

I pick up my bulletproof vest
Dust it off
And off I go.
I’m surrounded by many
Flash on bones.
They approach me.
We become comfortable
With each other.
Not aware
Of what is going on
But they don’t seem
To leave.

Becoming less stagnant.
The flesh on bones
That surrounds me
become fewer.
Looking at my B. P. V
There are holes!!
Why didn’t I take note?

They’ve sent shots at me.
Some leave marks
With years
they dissappear
Just as quick
as they came.

I need a new vest.
Too many flesh on bones
Sending shots at me.
What have I done?
If a stare could kill…
I would have been dead
Long ago.

I’m not here
to take anything
I’m only here to learn.
So please stop
Shooting my bullet-proof vest
For it has too many holes
I guess it’s time
to go back

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