You tell me
Where to go.
You distance
Yourself slightly
For a period of
The problem
I think is you.
I think I got this
But you think
I don’t.

You are back
To controlling me.
You’ve planned
My life the way
You want it.
You got me
On a leash
As your puppet.
I can’t leave until
I’m married.

I don’t want marriage
you say I deserve
I don’t even
Know what that is.
I’m not in the best
Of mood.
But I get thing done.
I won’t allow my assessments
To suffer
As a cause of
your control.

I’m sure it’s
The best.
The future me
Will appreciate
Your guidance
And dedication
But as of now
I’m currently
Chocked up.

Can’t help
But feel like your
She’s failed
She’s gone bad.
Might put up
A fight like her.
But I don’t want
to end up like her.
So I give in.

I’m mentally weak.
You even said so
Mentality of
A 17 year old.
Like a broken record
You play
In my head.
Why can’t I
Break free?

I don’t believe
I got what it takes.
Your idea of life
Doesn’t fit mine.
But I guess
I have to leave
My westernised
Thoughts & ideas.
I don’t belong
With them.
So forget that.
Focus on you
And figure out
What you want.

You won’t stay
a puppet for
Much longer.
Is it my duty
To ensure he’s
As a daughter?
What role do I
Play in his happiness?
Abiding by his rules
Seems to make him
Less stressed
So I guess I will
Continue to
Be so.
V the puppet.


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