It’s hurts
Oh it hurts
To see
No one is there
For you when
They told you
They will.
Humans we all are.
Helpful we try to be
But it never is enough.

I can go out and
Beyound for you.
I’m sorry as I am
Still very much
You play the
Same game with me.

You’ve hit
The target.
Was it intended?
And I deserved it.
I can’t be there
For you
While I’m still
Putting together
My broken pieces.

Everyone looks available.
Pretence preoccupation
Is what it is.
I don’t what’s on
Your mind
As you came storming in.

I know there’s
No-one for you to
Talk to.
And I’m aware of the
Responsibility you carry.
I helped carry
Just a bit
And I was complaining.
My heart goes out to you.
Everyone seems unavailable.
Only when they need you
They become available.
I’m sorry I’ve played
That card.

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