Stop talking
Stop telling them.
How u spend your times
Don’t you hear their words
Don’t you hear the bitterness
Underneath their words.
They don’t like how you move.
They don’t like to see you do
More than them.
They call you crazy
They call you mad
All these name calling wrapped
In a smile and a joke.

I hear you loud and clear.
But I am stubborn.
I won’t stop telling you how
I work.
I want you to be just like me.
You can be just like me.
I want you to follow me.
I want a partner in this lonely road.
This journey gets lonely at times
I get so consumed with my goals
I forget I have people looking up at me.
I’m in the zone
It’s hard to take me out
I’ve got God on my side
He’s my energy source
What’s yours?
I don’t need 8 hours
Of sleep if I get 3 hours
I will be fine.
I know I will end up
sleeping at some point.
So why stress?
Over things you can’t control.

Don’t let your mind.
Trick you
You can’t fix it.
There’s nothing that you can do.
It’s out of your hands for a reason
It’s out of your control
For a reason.
It’s not yours to deal with.
Leave it. And stop being so

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