Self Doubt

Stuck on stupid.
Knowing what
You know.
Yet you still make
The simplest of errors.
The outsiders start
Wondering why.
You give them a blank stare.
Knowing of nothing
That just happened.

You suffering from
Memory lost?
Nah I just don’t
Control the automatic
Reset mode my brain
Goes into sometimes.
Must be nice hey?
No not entirely.

There are times
I wish to get hold
Of my mind
I do.
majority of the days
Whenever I’m alone.
I prefer being alone
Thought it wasn’t  good
for the soul
But now I know better.

My mind craves
The quiet moments.
My soul takes in the
The presence of peace.
Must be nice.
I guess so
I’m not entirely sure.

Second guessing yourself
You fade into the world
Of the unsure.
Questions pop up.
I don’t know
Becomes your anthem.

Stuck on stupid
After it’s gone
It’s plays in
Your head.
Why why
The mind truly
Is our frenemy.

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