Ay! You in the tunnel!
Do you see the light?
When you look all
Around you
Does the light
Help you see
Exactly where you are?

The light isn’t at the
End of the tunnel.
That’s all bull!!
Here me out.
Listen intensively
When I say:
The light is the tunnel.
Take a moment.
Look at it closer
Stare at it longer
And you will see.
After a while
The light is the passage.

It’s a blank canvas
Only few can see.
Give it some colour
You will see
In a couple years time.

The tunnel is only
An image of your mind.
Luring you in
To wage an unnecessary
War against yourself.
Take back control!
Go back to the front seat.
You’ve been a back seat
Passenger of your life
For far too long.

Your preception
Of the tunnel
Is what makes
you stagnate or malible.
Stare at the light
Long enough.
You will see it

Hold on to the rails.
The light will show
You what’s around.
You’ve focused
So much on the dark
That surrounds you
The light fades to the size
Of a tennis ball

It’s not too late
You got this.
For its your perspective
That has the power
To safe you.
Just look up!

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