You got this

You are a student
Don’t you forget.
The life you live
Has lessons waiting
to be taught.
Don’t beat yourself
Over the things
You don’t know.
You are a learner
Open your mind
And learn.

There is nothing bad
In not knowing
Naive as u are
The world is filled
With teachers
To give you lessons
You got this.
This is new
You will grow
With every error.
With every error
Made there is a marker
Waiting to correct you.

It’s not the end of it
The real world is ready
To eat you whole
Are you ready?
You may be scared
But I can see the drive.
You got the zeal
You are still eager
After every fall.
You got this
Take in every correction
The marker gives you.

They are helping you
They are guiding you in your craft.
You got this.

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