Not Ready Yet

I’m underground.
There’s nothing
To show off here.
It’s all hardwork
With long nights.
You sit for so long
You start to get
Back pain.
I’ve got my glutes
All tight up.
It hurts to walk
It hurts to sleep
It even hurts to laugh.

That don’t matter
Cause my relationship
With sleep is like
A light switch.
It’s the consequence
Of this place I’m in.

I can’t show you
My hard work.
You will only see
The results.
It’s not time
to come up.
I don’t think
I’m ready.
There are still
Things I’m working on.

It does get dark
Under here at times.
But I’m making sure
My roots are deep enough
So when I rise
I don’t lose them
So easily.
I’m deep underground.
I see you as you
show off your preferences.
I see you as you
Mourn your grandma
And I’m sorry but
I can’t come out
Right now to mingle.
Im still growing my roots.

I welcome those
Who visit me.
You make it less lonely.
There are times
I’m been forced to come out
But I resist
Tug in me has hard
As you can.
But I’m not ready
All I drink is The  water.
Thats all I can consume.
Thought each season
With the water
Keeping me moist.
I endure each season
As they come and go.

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