The Glass Box

You see me
But you can’t hear me.
I hear your words.
I feel your hurt.
I speak comfort
Into the atmosphere
But you can’t hear me.
What can I do
For you to hear me?
What actions must I make
For you to take me seriously?

I am not an act.
I am not here.
To perform.
I am not here
For your entertainment.
I am here to serve you,
Speake to you.
You see me
But you don’t hear my
I am trapped
in this glass box.
I see you living your life.
I see you
But you don’t seem
to acknowledge me.

I too am human.
I too have words
To express
But you don’t stop
To see
How I pretend
To be busy.
Yes I may act irritant.
Give me a moment
Let me get myself

I never thought
This moment
Will come.
Give me a moment.
Let me pinch myself.
Is this really happening?
You’ve taken time
You’ve  acknowledged
My exsistance.

Avoidance leads to loneliness.
Why avoid me?
I will give you space
For I know how it feels
To be at war with your mind.
I know the signs.
I’ve mastered each signs
You show all signs.
But I mustn’t overstep.
I mustn’t bang against
This glass box.

Patience V.
She will come around
I watch from a distance
All I could do was pray
For the Lord
Have you this test
He will surely
see you through it.

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