The mind

It keeps you company
When you are alone
Or surrounded by people.
It is your best friend
But your worst enemy.
You’ve become attached.
It’s time to let go
For the relationship
Is toxic.

You start to question yourself.
What will you do without it.
You must let go
You want to let go.
But you still hold on.

You tell yourself
You are fine.
You are okay.
You are a warrior.
You are fighting
Screaming to be set free.
But yet you still hang on.
The mind is your best friend
But your worst enemy.

You lay on your bed.
Listening to indie playlist
On sportify.
You’ve got things to do.
But something is holding
You down.
You lay in bed
And hours pass.
You close your eyes
And the days  pass.
You walk through
Each day not fully
In control.

You don’t feel the pain.
You sit and the worst
Takes place in your mind.
You may have been
Blessed with a loving family
With friends that care.
But you were given
A load to carry
One that has to be dropped
Along the road.

Youve reached the destination
Yet you still carry
The load.
It has become part
Of you.
People try to help you.
But you see them
as a threat.
So you push them away.

You have become
weary and weak.
You collapse
On the floor
Your body has giving up.
You mind can’t work
Over a body
That has given up.

Years pass
You have recovered.
You stay weary.
scared you will be
caught and caged
By your mind.
You stay away
From your old ways
And old towns
With triggers.
Your new life has began.

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