Throwback poem from couples years ago (4 years)

I really am trying my best
feeling like i’m being chocked up
with all the expectations
and the revisions.
Just like my dad is fighting
i can say i’m not fighting
but at least i am trying.
This is my last run
so i understand
that i have to make it count.

The insult of sleeping
so tempting
but yet so forbidden.
Like the apple tree
in the garden of Eden
my body yearns to be free.
Free from stress
and people’s eyes.
Like a soldier
getting ready to go to
the war front.
no signs of weakness
yet inside his mask
he trembles
at the face of death.

The same words
been said into my ears
from a tiny whisper
to a shout of desperation
you really don’t want me to fail
so you try your best
to make this a success story.
Tired of single indiviuals
blaming you for my laziness
so you take it upon yourself
to make me something
like the best.

I really do owe you a lot
from my out-most gratitude
to anything i get
as a reward of my achievement.
you’ve lived a hard one
but you always got back around.
The best of two worlds
should be the title of your memoir.
If this was a true job
you truely have overworked yourself

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