As I walk in life

I strive.

I dont struggle anymore.

things come to me

with ease.

Is that fair?

I have become

more and more determined


I started with a lot of people

around me.

As I continue to face

my daily challenges,

I become greater and better.

I started to lose

the people around me.

Where has this person gone to?

I speak about my vision

they praise  me

but will not join me.

I stand with my own two feet.

only a few are beside me.

Some can’t catch me.


’cause my vision is my fuel.

The hunger of getting better

with each fall

burns me.

I will not be last.

I fall.

I clean myself off

and continue.

I see others fall

but they struggle to get up.

My hands out stretched

they slap it away.

Many try

but cant reach.

few grab my hands

but lose their grip

and fall.

My head and heart are heavy.

I will remember

you through my journey.

My vision is my fuel.

My zeal can not

be taken away.

One step at a time.

One step closer

to my goal.

Are you closer

to your goal?.

Have you fallen?.

With my platform

I will preach.

I will help change

the hearts of the youth.

For my vision

is your inspiration!!!

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