There are days in my life
I wish things could go better.
But I know deep down
I must go through this.
No matter the weather
Come rain or sun
Come darkness or light
I can stay on the bright side.
Whenever I fall
Everytime I fall
I want to cry
sulk, moan
Waiting for someone
To pick me up.
It never happens.
I stop crying
And I start maturing.
I face the facts
With one foot in front
of the other.
I make my way forward

Slow and steady wins the race.
I finally know what
It means.
A big round of applause
For me. (silence)
Is all I hear.
I expect and get nothing.
I knock then walk away.
I am patient
But not patient enough
I am smart but not smart enough
My silence is my companion
My silence is my happiness
If you listen you will feel me
For I am with you every step
Of the way.
So I am silent.
I am never alone
He is with me
He speak to me
And I always have an ear out.

The days are long
My muscles would shake
My lungs seems to be closing in
But this hard work
Must be done
I am able
Not disabled
You hold my legs
And tie my hands
But you can’t stop
My beating heart
You can’t take my
Burning faith.
For I know it bothers you.
My silence is my happiness
For I keep my ear out
Doubt may strike
I may want to tap out
But my weakness is my strength.
So I smile
In the face of temptation.

My smile is my signature.
I smile through it all
I acknowledge I am in deep
I burn like the bush
But yet I am still whole
For the Lord is the I AM
He is there whenever I need him
My bodyguard against
The unseen
Blessed be his name

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