One of life’s greatest element
Is gravity.
The other is time.
These two are very different
But make a great impact
On our lives.
One is man made
The other exist
Whether we
Want it to or not.
You don’t play against life.
You may think you got it
But when you do
It brings up
Another trick
Another hurdle,
Another obstacle.
They get PHD
On Philosophie
But never on life.

Received many lectures about life
From past experiences.
Our paths may cross
But they are never the same.
So why give me
À talk about life?
About what you’ve
Been through.
It never stops teaching
And you never stop learning.
If you never had patience
It will make you patient.
If you were stubborn
It will make you humble.

Life.. you can’t play with.
Time you can’t play with
You may be given a leeway
You were fouled.
Your loss.
You thought it was fun
Playing with time
Is like playing with gravity
The only difference is
One is slow the other hits you
Slaps you and squashes you.

You go for
a thrill ride with life
It leaves you
do your thing.
The next day
It lands on you
Like a fat weight
Smashes your body
To pieces
It takes you for a spin.
Externally you’re fine
Internally you die
Wanting it to stop
It laughs at you
Your ears ringing
with laughter.
Next time.
You tell yourself
No.. Not next time.

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