No sense

This doesn’t make sense
Why am I under attack?
I know it isn’t me.
I know I’m not depressed
And I’m defo not anxious.
Whats up mind?
Why you doing this?
We were doing well.
Didn’t you like not
Being held down?

You’ve come so far.
I’m looking around
Trying to see
What I’ve done wrong.
It’s not adding up
What did I do wrong?
The answer will come
Out one way or another.

I will not be dragged back.
I’ve come so far
From a couple years back.
I will fight when I know
What your problem is.

Keep hitting me.
My patience
Will run thin
Very soon.
You will not destroy
What I’ve built .
I got this!
Because God’s got me.
There’s nothing
I can’t withstand.

Keep sending your jabs
And punches.
You have no idea
Who your opponent is.
I may look weak
But my God
Transformed me.
I will be patient
But not for long.

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