The Match

You’ve put me to one corner
I’ve done nothing wrong 
yet you drag me
And beat me up.
I dont know what
I’ve done to upset you.
I left you.
You weren’t good for me.
I got tired of you
I didn’t want you around
So I left.

You caught me off guard.
Like my opponent
You’re giving me jabs.
I could take the low jabs
But now you’re aiming
For my face.
You’re aiming for my brain.
My guard was down.
Now you got in
And I can’t let you out.

I’m struggling to put up a fight.
All I can do is push
But you punch
Harder than expected.
I don’t want to fight.
I’ve done nothing wrong.
You came at me
Disguised as a wall.
I took time to
Look at you.
You’ve lured me
To one corner
Now I’m trapped.
How do I get out?

I’m looking around
Asking for help.
Where is the help?
There are signs
But they lead nowhere.
The doors are visible
But they lead to another wall.

What do you want
From me?
I was doing fine.
Where is my support system?
You got me in a corner
I don’t know what for.
Keep throwing punches.
When my arms go up
Your punches won’t
Go through.


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