What now

I’ve dropped everything down
Just to fulfil your vision for me
I’ve hit a wall and
I’m asking why?
Why do I stress this much
Why do I feel time
Isn’t on my side.
All these questions
Got me to one corner.
I turn to look at the wall
That’s stopped my progress.

What do you want from me.
I’ve done everything
According to the info book.
With every instruction I take
I somehow always end up here.
What do u want
from me?
What is it this time round?.

I look around me
I’ve got no one
You’ve given me the roadmap
And I’ve followed it
Never did u mention coming across a wall
So what now?
This wall can’t move.
I take a look at it
It won’t move.
Time is off the essence
I need to keep moving

Where to?
Where are u off you?
Are you aware of your surroundings
Are you aware of your decisions?
Are you fully aware?

Stop with these questions
I am aware
I know what I’m doing
I follow these instructions
And I’m bound to get
To my destination

Oh yeah?
Well take a look
At this peep hole
Go on.
You may follow these instructions
To your destination
But you won’t know
what to do when you reach your destination.
Happiness won’t fill you.
Emptyness and gloom
Will cover you.
Take a good look at it

You’ve reached your destination
But yet you ask
What now?
You’ve lost your purpose
The fire that used to burn
In you is just a dim.
So what now?
Happiness isn’t there

Yes your taking the road less travelled
But it is still been travelled on.
There are footprints beside yours
Yet you don’t see them.
Look around you
You ain’t alone on
This journey.
I’m here to stop you.
Look at me
Yes I’m a wall
But I’m not the same wall
You met a couple months back.

Take a look at each brick
You layed all this
I’m your creation
But to you I’m just another wall.

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