Another wall

It doesn’t feel as bad anymore
My back against it
And I ain’t stressed
Or anxious over this
Stage anymore.
I feel it.
It’s envitable.

The cold nimbingly
Away at my bones
I’ve hit yet another wall.
But I’m not panicking.
I lay on this bench
One hand supporting
My head.
Embraced by the cold
As though it is a blanket.
I feel warm as
I take in the scenery
Of the white white sky.
If you stare at it long enough
It’s as though you’ve closed your
Eyes but instead of having that
Black dark void as your vision
I see white.
A plain canvas
Ready to be covered.

I’mma call you A wall.
You keep me in check
You stop me from
Running over.
Is this God’s move?
Or did I put you up?

Hitting a wall used to
Seem like a bad thing.
Now I don’t see it
As that anymore.
You’ve got to take
Time to notice
The things around you.
What’s chasing you?
What’s making you
Feel like you ain’t
Measuring up?

A. WALL isnt just another Wall.
Take a look at each brick
You’ve layed.
Everyday that led you here.
Each brick may be beautifully layed.
But take a closer look and you will
See the shape or size of each brick.
You may not have seen it
In the moment
But this A wall was made by you.
You made sacrifices
Just because.
You didn’t sleep well
Just because.
Oh Come on!!
Are you seeing what I’m seeing?
This A. Wall isn’t a barrier
It’s a gallery.

Take time to look at
what you’ve achieved.
Take time to look back
At what you’ve done well
And what you can do better.
Don’t break down.
You led yourself here
And you are the only
One that knows the answer
As to why.
Take your time.
For the A wall is here
To guide you
Not to block you.

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