Hold me


Somebody really got to hold me hold me
Cause I’m really tired
Of coping coping
I never really wanted it
To end this way.
So I’m really trying
To keep it together.

Verse 1
I really wanna go up to heaven
Cause I’m tired of struggling
Up in here.
Everyday is a different story
I’m just sick and tired
Of Constantly fighting
Constantly surviving.
My muscles are weak
My bones are barely coping.

Verse 2
When is all this struggling
Gonna end
I really don’t like feeling this way.
Can someone please hold me?
Can someone be my stronghold?
Can someone please please help me?
Cause I’m really
Tired of this anxious feeling.

Verse 3
Everything battle happens internally.
I look fine externally.
Im fighting and struggling
Trying to keep it together.
They look at me weirdly
When I tell’em how I feel.
What to do
What to do.

Verse 4

I’m feeling dirty
So take this out.
I’m like a dirty sheet
So wash me out
Everydays a new start
Like a plain white sheet
It never is plain
It always is scuffing
Like half dirt
And half scruff
How the hell
Did it get so bad.
Cause I really want…
Someone to hold me hold me


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