I know I’m not where
I want to be
But I’m still hopeful.
Trails are present
and forever constant
So I try to stand
By my faith.

I wish my life was sorted
But whose life isn’t.
I’mma pack in my self pity
And continue living
For that day will come
The bad days
Will just be memories.
So let’s stay hopeful.
Keep the good ones
Around let the
Prying eyes
Let them keep
While I stay hopeful.

For I am blessed
To have friends
Sisters not friends
To walk with me
They linger when im
My G and Robin got
Batman’s back
On the blue days.

Why should I be sad
And moody
When I got friends
That worry and care about me
I’m still hopeful.
Even when my life
Is stuck in the dreadful cycle.

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