But am I willing
Will I stick to it
Till the end
Through thick and thin?
Can I commit
Or will I quit
Am I willing
Or am I a weakling
What will be my next move

It’s very easy to less loose
Losely started
As each day goes by
I ignore the warning signs.
What am I in it for?
My image
Or how it makes me feel?
I’m I ready to commit
To selflessness
Or continue down
The down of selfishness.

Me me me me me
Zones out
Everything else.
Commit yourself
And don’t be afraid.
Weakness is a mans greatness
Weakness is also a woman’s
Ride it out
Commit yourself
We’ll wait for the results

Eager to see me fail.
I won’t fail
Failing is when you give up.
You’ve come this far
Why not go all in?
Take a look back
You’ve committed
Just keep going.
You got this,

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