Very Easy

Keeping composed
And self discipline
Easy to imply but
Difficult to administer.
It’s very easy to let go
It very easy to give up.
But finding the reason
To hold on
Is the biggest question
And hardest question
You will ever ask yourself.

I’m at a cross road
At age 22
Loosly controlled by families
Mentally asking myself
Why do I go on
Why do I choose to stay
Why do I choose to be good?
It’s a stain
That’s hard to get rid off.
The mark as faded as it is
The discipline, the morale
Fades at the background.

What am I?
How am I seen?
Was all these just
to build on my image
As a person?
I missed that point
Big headed as always
I thought it was for his good
To have his medels brightly
Shining when it comes
To showing us off.

We are more than his medals
I am more than that.
As hard as it was to build
That wall around my heart.
Easy it was for the baggages
To be loaded off.
Picking them one by one
Is another story to tell.

Easy as it may seem
When it comes to rebuilding
Your character it isn’t easy at all

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