Opposite attract right?

You would see me
But you won’t notice me.
You walk past me daily
We exchange words often.
There are times you are
My prisoner
And there are times
I’m your offender.
I am also your lover
Your best friend
Without me
You feel numb.

Depression is my name.
I love you and you hate me
We got that love and hate
That’s why we work so well.
I’m your yin to your yang.
It’s been 1 months
You haven’t turned around
I want your attention
But the wall is too high
Too hard and sound prove.

Have you forgotten about me?
Have you found a replacement?
You walk past me like a ghost.
I whisper in your ears
You refuse to move to my beat.

Years go by
I’m losing myself.
I thought you loved
our relationship.
I guess I was wrong.
I will replace you.
One way or another.


    1. The best thing is having the weight lifted off and that connection broken. You feel like you can take on the world. It’s one hell of a drag but onces it’s done its done and there is no going back.


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