Exam season

Hey guys.

I haven’t been very active using my blog because I’ve been focusing on my exams, and trying to come to terms with my current battles. I’ve got a positive mindset that things will pull through. Coming from a family like mine you can’t really think about yourself because there are other things going on, when I mean other things I mean drama as in hatred thirst for money drama.

It’s currently exam season and I have 4 more exams left so I’ve been trying to block out all the drama and negative attitude that I was sensing. Well let’s just say that I haven’t successfully done so and I’m struggling to get back to my revision.

During this process I’ve written some poems as an outlet. It kinda sucks to be surrounded by family members but you feel like you are on your own. They only come out to talk negative then go bout their business. Humans are very ugly in terms of negative behavior and attitude.

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