Why can’t I cry?
I’m fed up
But I can’t cry.
I wake up each day
They expect me
To be fine.
I tell them
I’m fine
They can’t help me.
They can’t walk in my shoes
They can’t stop the time
For me.

So I just keep going
I just keep putting
One foot in front
Of the other.
Because that’s all I know.
When I run out of fuel
I sit and stare.
The floodgate
Is locked tight
The tears pushing
It’s way out.
Why can’t it come out?

I sit and stare
Watching as the emotions
Bang at the gate.
Push harder!
You can do it!
Come out
Why won’t you come out?
It’s trapped.
I’ve become trapped
In a circle
That blocks emotions out.
I don’t feel emotions
But yet I’m alive
But am I living?

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