Let loose

Heart’s beating.
Skins’ crying.
The wild you
Has just been
Let loose.
You have no control
Over yourself.
You kiss that mouth
Like you’re drinking water.
Water that you’ve been dying
To taste.

Your soul longs to belong.
Your soul longs to be free.
You’ve got it.
And now you are on a thrill ride.
Trying to get hold of yourself.
But you’ve let loose.
You’ve tasted this freedom
You don’t ever wanna go back.

That tinkling feeling drives you
Out of your body.
Can someone die from a thrill?
Its soo good you don’t want
It to stop.
You’ve let loose there’s no going back.
You’ve been let out
Of your cage.

You haven’t been trained
So you can not control yourself.
You’ve been let loose
With no coach to guide you.
No leash to control you.
Some day you will crash.
Hoping some would tame you.
You are a beautiful soul
Exposed so young.

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