Don’t know

My head my mind
Once was empty
The wall was up strong.
Now I’m all alone
With nothing but
My studies to complete
And my future to pounder
I don’t know where I’ll be
2 years from now.
I don’t know what
This tiny feeling is about.

I’m not scared.
I’m just not
Used to being
Blind about my future.
My hearts fallen asleep.
It’s been in a coma
Since I don’t know when.
And my mind
I’m done playing games
With it
So I gave it to the Lord.

This world of ours,
Has become a nightmare,
We all want to wake up from.
Too scared to fall asleep.
Not too keen to fall in Love.
All these i don’t knows
Got me wishing things
I shouldnt be.
An animal?
Well it beats being a tree
Or being dead.

Wow they sure are lucky..
The dead are at peace,
Looking down at us
Wishing they could
In most cases they do.
But that’s only for those
Who believe in the after life.

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