I wish

For I wish only one thing
I dry the tears running
Down my face
My head streaming with thoughts
Someone please come
From the future
Tell me this is
All going to be worth it.
I carry a heavy heart
As I cry and cry
My nights are lonely
But so are my days.
They are filled with nothing
But study
Which is good
But I tend to get bored.

I want something
that challenges me.
So I keep wishing
For the day
Where I feel much better
For the day
Where I will feel much lighter
Not having to worry
About the little things
Like Where will next money
Be going to
When will I be set free
From this responsibility
For I have had enough.

As small as I am
I make this wish
I am full with emotions
I have kept hidden
The anger felt
Towards my dad
Towards my mother
The love I never got.
I wish oh I wish.
For all this to come to a
Successful end.
For my father to get
The job he was promised
For the evil eyes
To look away
Plotting bad against
The good people.

With a deep breath
I wipe away my tears
For there is always a reason
Behind the struggle.
just keep going and
Hold on.
For my wish
Will soon come to pass

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