Living a life of peace and comfort
Is what I want.
Life looks down at me and laughs.
Can’t a girl like me
Sit and dream
of how life would be
With comfort?
Easy to reach
Yet hard to get
Life isn’t about comfort
The game isn’t that easy.
What a fool I am!
I hear the voice asking me
Haven’t you learnt ?
From your past experience?

Rising my head I look up.
The city light shine
At the night sky
My answer has been given to me.
Comfort is a reward.
Comfort is a prize.
Given to those who have worked hard.
People who have aimed high.
Artifical comfort doesn’t last.
You can’t win a race that
You’ve cheated your way through.

We’ve all been given a task
At hand.
Distractions are thrown at us
Focused or not
It’s on you
You want to be comfortable?
You’ve got to work hard for it.
There are no cheat codes
In this life.
This game is more complex
Than most can think

Some get shortcuts
Only to find their
Way back where they were
But much worse.
Lower than level 1.
How would you cope?
Your self esteem
Snatch off your hands
You try to escape
the new life that is yours
Can’t blame anyone
But you.

Money isn’t happiness
Comfort is happiness
Have I gotten it all wrong?
With my brand new
I’m aiming for that prize
Sturggles are met at each steps
It doesn’t get any easier
But you learn from the
Last steps
How to get better
at solving the things
Thrown at you.
Comfort is my prize
I am willing
To win it!
Let’s go!

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