We see from the outside.
We hear from the outside.
What we think and feel
Comes from inside.
It flows in then out.
It is said that
Happiness flows
From within.
But so does
every emotion.

I look at every human
From the outside
They are all inside.
Lost in their thoughts
Lost in their music.
If we could flip the looks.
I wonder how shocked
And disgusted I would feel.

Some things are better
Kept behind
Closed door.
The truth
Tend to hurt those
Not prepared.
Nothing is real
Until it’s in the open.

You won’t know
how bad you
Are until
You hurt someone.
You won’t know
How kind you are
Until you make
Someone unworthy
Feel worthy.
This could be a gift
That was inside.
Now you unwrapped
It’s true beauty.

Share it.
Let it out.
Don’t keep it in.

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