Area 8

A white sheet covering the sky.
It’s doesn’t look real.
Not a cloud in sight.
Just the wet green grass
Surrounded by ash trees.
Is what I just heard
A scientific field trip
Is what this is.
Split into groups
Yet another walk around
We are on a hunt
for ash dieback trees
They have come down
With some kind of disease
Weird isn’t it?

We stand in a circle
In seprerate groups
One member has
ran out of water
Take a Look outside
water falls vigorously
from the sky.
Area 8 is where
We will be heading
On a search for
Ash dieback
Poor thing has
No cure
Retracing our steps
Adding towards area 8
Fighting against the rain
The optimistic seems
To be going down the drain
Plan and table drawn
We are ready
Just waiting for the green light
To go.
The buzz fills the room
Mixed feelings is what I can feel
People are ready to go
Some are waiting for the rain
To stop.
Area 8 is where I’m heading
Raining or not
Here we go
Some people are dreading
Some people are willing
I can feel the zeal in me
I’m ready
so ready to go
Area 8
Here we come.

Thought it would be easy
Spoke to soon
That’s our current location
Checking the map
Paper and the phone
Mr Google
Poor us
You have lost us
We trusted you
paper map
Confused us too
Which way left or right?
Chasing trees
Not sure
Where we are
Following the path
Surrounded by trees
Are we there yet?
The smell of Cow pat
In the air
They leave a trail behind
As we march pass

Mission almost done
Area 8 has no access
Poor us
Sweating and panting
Hearts are racing
We bend as we walk
We joke as we walk
We are against the clock
As we walk we talk
We laugh
We sure are lost
Till next time
Area 8

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