Give Time

They see
They pretend not to.
They hear
But they are muted.
“Sorry I can’t help”
Is all that comes out.
Silence is enough
To feel alone.
I spoke out.
Speak out they say.
I get nohing.
You continue
As though
Nothing ever happened.

Reality of humanity.
We have chosen
To be so distant.
Not wanting to help.
In fear of not
being enough.
It’s Sad
All man for themselves.
Why so?
The next you hear
Will be stories
Of me.
How I passed away.
Regret is what
You would feel
For not trying to help.

Help your neighbours
Your classmates
Speak to them.
It doesn’t take
Anything from you
But time.
We need to be there
For each other.
You want others
To be there
For you
But you aren’t
There for others.
I’m sorry
Thats not how
the world works.

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