Not named

This feeling within me
Can not be named
Negativity filled to the brim.
Why do I do this
To myself?
Pushing my limits
Hoping to
Be anything but human.
What I am
Can not be named.

Physically human,
Fighting a battle
Of a warrior
Like a worrier.
I think too much.
The simplest of things.
Wanting change
But not willing
To let go of
Old habits.
Old habits die
I’d rather fight
Till my last breath
Than to give in.

Trying my best
To become
More humane.
Because what I
Am can not be named.
Physically human
Internally patching
Up wounds
Made by
Yours truly.
Why oh why
Do u think so much?
For the birds
Do not worry
Where their next meal
Will come from.
So trust that
All your needs
Will be met.
All I ask is for
My young one.

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