Letting it out.

I honestly feel like my work isn’t getting the attention that i would want it to get. I thought that by me putting out my work that i have written over the years it would make me feel some sort of accomplishment but i don’t feel any different (apart from when i get a couple likes because that makes me feel like i am on the right path.) i cant seem to be thinking straight anymore. i am not sure if you have read any of my work but you will get this sense that all my poems are personal. the seul reason as to why i decided to make this website/page was to put myself out there to see what other may think about my content .


recently i have been busy and fighting myself mentally to keep it together. i have started writing about this feeling. but its hard to think straight because of the amount of work load i’m getting from my degree (medical physiology).i want to continue building this page of mine but im loosing the zeal to post and i think its because i haven’t fully understood how to make this work, making it to see the point of me posting my poems.

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