Won’t Stop

I am been dragged
Into the dark.
I don’t want to go.
I am fighting
Trying to keep it in.
I just don’t want to go.
I am not ready.
I have moved on.
A new me has emerged.
Isn’t that surprising?

Changes have been made
Oh I am so glad.
I can finally be free
So I thought.
I feel like my mind
Has cracks.
The things are bursting
To come back.

Like a cupboard
With too many
It’s hard to close
The doors.
Man I shouldn’t
Have opened up.
They say talking
About your problems
Is the best therapy.
I think otherwise.

I felt better
When it was
All inside
Like man!
I just got
to keep it together.
Focus on
The task on at hand.
I don’t want to lose.
I don’t want to be sad.
I want to be glad that
Things has changed.
Is that too much
To ask?

I just got to
Keep fighting
Trying to push
It all back.
I guess the barrier
Is slowly breaking.

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