Reflective thoughts

I got thoughts in my head,
And i don’t know what
To do with them.
I lock them up
Behind closed doors.
They come knocking
At my door
When least expected.
I always say
expect the unexpected.
The thought
Of breaking laws seems tempting.
But no!
I wasn’t raised that way.

My father once told me
Stay true to yourself
Never be a liability to
Somebody else
Cause you never know
When they will get up
And leave.
Not even turn their back
Or ask how have you been?
Yet again
He was talking about Boys.
Oh! How he loves to
Give me lectures.

The thought of death
Is very tempting.
I need to find the
True me.
I need to break
Down the walls
That I have built
Light needs to be lit.
We all have our struggles
We all carry baggages
Of our past.
Some we carry for a life time.
While others get reminded
Of them once in a while.

Life is a journey
So I was told.
But hold on!
Life is also a game
But the players
Are the ones
That change.
Oh, what a shame!
Well, it looks like I’m
Losing in life.
My journey seems to
Have no destination.

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