Keep your head up.
You got to raise up.
You are better.
Don’t go back.
Temptation is hard
To over come.
Picking up their slack.
Making sure
They don’t make noise
At you.

Someone else’s mistake
Is on you.
You cant slack
Even if you wanted to.
If you weren’t ready
They will force it
On you.

You want to breath
But you can’t.
To chill.
You can’t.
Even try to be
Or feel free
And be like the rest.
You can’t.
Because you got thorns
At your back.

You move wrong
It sends its signals
You move back.
Try and remove them
You get shattered
In pieces.
The pain coursing
All over.
You got nowhere
To turn to
Without the thorns
Who are you?

You can’t leave
So you endure
With each passing day
Good and bad.
You cry
You pick yourself
back up
Just to be
beaten down again.
Your heart hardens
With each fall.

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