Walk For Me

It’s a new year
And I’m sad.
Stay with family
Then I’m happy.
In bed remenesing
On the good times
The happy moments.
Then comes the thought
Of the future
The hurdles
I need to get over.
Wanting someone
To do it for me.

No cheat code
In this part of life.
Someone please
Do me a favour.
A very huge relief
It would be
Just walk for me.
I stare at a distant
And see a path
That looks challenging.
I don’t want to
Go through that.
Someone please would
You walk for me? .

I may be standing
But I’m not strong.
Still trying to break
The mental barriers.
It’s draining
It’s lonely
No encouragement.
They all have their parts
And battles.
They can’t leave theirs
To come to your aid.
Hoping I can break the barriers
Sleeping hoping to
Wake up refreshed
But instead I wake up
drained and empty.
Not wanting to speak
My mind is empty

Lying in bed
Waiting for my body
To get itself together.
Half the day has gone.
Still haven’t been productive.
Why won’t someone work for me.

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